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The Everlasting™

The vision all began in 2020 when a father of five wonderful children who all had different issues with skin care realized that there are too many variables when it comes to complete skin care, and the current cosmetics industry does not have a single product that address all the different types of issues that people have. 
Not only that, but  ALL these companies designed it so that each person will need to use a combination of several products to get the proper care or desired results of what a person needs. 


After countless hours of research and testing of multiple formulas was born “The Everlasting™ Moisturizing Cream”

While this formula was actually created for private use, it took a lot of convincing from family members to bring this to the public.

Enter ALDAAIM – means “The Everlasting”

Revolutionary cosmetics and health care supplements.
You will not find a multitude of products here, what you will find are unique proprietary formulated products that work for all people with all different skin types.*
Give us a try and see for yourself what you have been wanting and missing. Free samples are available for most items when available for a limited time.